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Grey Gardens and Celebrity Rosé!

Celebrity Rosé Business takes over the Fine Wine Airwaves
by : Bouvier Beale, jr.
The NY Times recently reports that now, none other than pop music sensation John Legend has joined the ranks of Jon Bon Jovi and others, including Grey Gardens Wines, in offering  a new and separate sub-category of summertime-style "Celebrity Rosé's" designed to catch the attention of younger Gen-X and millennial wine drinkers, and it seems to be working!
Fine wine drinkers of another generation, like myself, needed no introduction to the pleasures and benefits of a good (and good and cold) perfect summertime beverage known for years as the " French Style Dry Rosé".  Since most liquor and wine shops in decades past almost always ignored the style, except for  a couple of months in the summer, and then only near beach resort areas, and then only a few different brands, the word was slow to get out to younger American wine lovers.
But with increased international travel in summertime, and an improving economy, younger, well heeled travelers recently started demanding that their local and resort fine wine shops carry a much wider selection and different price ranges of Rosé's they had encountered almost everywhere traveling in western Europe. It took a few years, but now, thankfully, it's here!!
So, how is Grey Gardens North Fork of Long Island Rosé different from the other Celebrity Rosé's? Simple: we're the only Celebrity Rosé made entirely from not just American grapes, but specifically Long Island, NY grapes grown in well established, seaside vineyards on Long Island, NY! Every other Celebrity Rose' I've seen this year is made from French wines, and imported here first, before it can be sold. Certain other Long Island wineries sell very good Rose's, but lack the additional fun and attraction the Celebrity name undoubtedly gives them. 
So, drink up, and party on in summer 2018, the year of the Celebrity Rose' ! 
Grey Gardens Rosé is available for purchase at  Free shipping offer for 6+ bottles - and if you are out of state, no tax will be added.  Your price is 17.99 per bottle including shipping.  
If you are in East Hampton be sure to visit Park Place Liquors, they have it in stock!