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July 11, 2019

Grey Gardens Wines ~ Press Release

Press Release--------------------------------------------------------For Immediate Release:




A new, East Hampton based wine company, Grey Gardens, has released a 2018 dry Rosé made from 100% Long Island Grapes.  Limited in production and hand made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc grapes, the wine has already been well received and listed for sale by many local wine merchants and restaurants on and near the East End. Distribution continues to expand for the Rosé made from grapes grown in established vineyards on the North Fork, near the charming small village of Cutchogue. 


Owners Bouvier and Eva Marie Beale, part of a fourth generation East Hampton family, decided that too many Rosé wines being successfully promoted here lately came from various foreign countries, with too few Long Island wines in the mix. Mr. Beale took his 20 years experience as a national fine wine distributor to craft, with the help of local family owned winery Pugliese Vineyards, a European style dry Rosé that goes perfectly with all the fabulous locally produced food and seafood items Eastern Long Island is so famous for.


On the back label, Mr. Beale explains that the name is in place to honor the "Two Edies", his grandmother and aunt, both named Edith Bouvier Beale, well known and loved subjects of numerous films and literature. On the front is depicted an original etching of the famous Grey Gardens mansion, all its classic early-mid century elegance.   


Successful trade and consumer tastings earlier this year have proven the quality of this locally grown Rosé wine, as the legend of Grey Gardens lives on. To be released later this year: Edie's Red Wine, 100% long Island grown.


For more info go to; or write to:


June 04, 2019

Grey Gardens Rosé New Release 2018!

A "Hamptons Favorite", now available mail order in all 50 states (21 & over only) announces the release of its 2018 dry Rose', sourced from 100% Long Island , NY grapes grown and harvested on the North Fork of this world famous island wine growing district . 
Made using the traditional "Sange ' " method of Rose' production used in France for 100's of years , Grey Gardens Rose' is fermented dry from the traditional Bordeaux grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. With vineyards cooled by consistent ocean breezes from the south during the long summer growing season, crisp acidity prevails on the palate along with fruit flavors of stone fruit , melon and strawberry. The wine is the perfect accompaniment to typical summer faire enjoyed all over the USA, such as "raw bar" or grilled seafood, poultry and light meats or pasta, and colorful  salads such as Greek Salad .
Here on Long Island and the rest of New England , we have a long standing culinary tradition known as "The New England Clam Bake", inspired by lobster fishermen on the Maine coast who wanted a convenient way to enjoy a celebratory seafood feast right as they came ashore. So, the combination of clams, local corn on the cob, & new potatoes dug up from nearby farms, and of corse, the biggest live lobsters they could haul off the boat was thrown together in sand pits lined with hot coals and covered with seaweed, to steam up perfectly. 
Now, the ideal, locally sourced, Clam Bake wine they all had been waiting for,  for years, but didn't know how to get, is finally available! Grey Gardens 2018 Long Island Rose'
Just dig another big hole in the sand, dump in several bags of ice, along with up to a case  of Grey Gardens Rose', cover with seaweed, and you're ready to enjoy a newly enhanced classic your friends will be talking about all year!!  
For more info, or to order: go to
July 17, 2018

Grey Gardens and Celebrity Rosé!

Celebrity Rosé Business takes over the Fine Wine Airwaves
by : Bouvier Beale, jr.
The NY Times recently reports that now, none other than pop music sensation John Legend has joined the ranks of Jon Bon Jovi and others, including Grey Gardens Wines, in offering  a new and separate sub-category of summertime-style "Celebrity Rosé's" designed to catch the attention of younger Gen-X and millennial wine drinkers, and it seems to be working!
Fine wine drinkers of another generation, like myself, needed no introduction to the pleasures and benefits of a good (and good and cold) perfect summertime beverage known for years as the " French Style Dry Rosé".  Since most liquor and wine shops in decades past almost always ignored the style, except for  a couple of months in the summer, and then only near beach resort areas, and then only a few different brands, the word was slow to get out to younger American wine lovers.
But with increased international travel in summertime, and an improving economy, younger, well heeled travelers recently started demanding that their local and resort fine wine shops carry a much wider selection and different price ranges of Rosé's they had encountered almost everywhere traveling in western Europe. It took a few years, but now, thankfully, it's here!!
So, how is Grey Gardens North Fork of Long Island Rosé different from the other Celebrity Rosé's? Simple: we're the only Celebrity Rosé made entirely from not just American grapes, but specifically Long Island, NY grapes grown in well established, seaside vineyards on Long Island, NY! Every other Celebrity Rose' I've seen this year is made from French wines, and imported here first, before it can be sold. Certain other Long Island wineries sell very good Rose's, but lack the additional fun and attraction the Celebrity name undoubtedly gives them. 
So, drink up, and party on in summer 2018, the year of the Celebrity Rose' ! 
Grey Gardens Rosé is available for purchase at  Free shipping offer for 6+ bottles - and if you are out of state, no tax will be added.  Your price is 17.99 per bottle including shipping.  
If you are in East Hampton be sure to visit Park Place Liquors, they have it in stock! 
June 25, 2018


Rose' Fever reaches an unprecedented level for Wine Lovers across the Country This summer of 2018
By Bouvier Beale, jr.
As the summer reaches its real starting point with the July 4th " weekend" that this year will last all week, since the holiday itself falls on a Wednesday,
more Rose' wine than ever before will be enjoyed at beaches, parties, cookouts, etc. 
Even some movie theaters have begun offering wine and beer to over age 21 guests, as a way of competing with the internet and Netflix. You can bet with the current near hysterical demand for more and more Rose', that many of those theaters will be searching for an appropriate Rose' to serve up.
Grey Gardens Rose' is a first release from a new wine company called Grey Gardens, founded by the nephew and grandson of the two Edies, as a way to help spread the word at first, in New York, and then more far flung locations, of the benefits of Long Island's fantastic, but under appreciated European style fine varietal wines. So, what varietal is a Grey Gardens Rose' ?, you may ask.
Well, as you wine lovers have no doubt noticed, most Rose's you have enjoyed lately, don't seem to feature any particular single grape varietal, do they? There's a good reason for that. The French and Italians discovered years ago that single varietal Rose's, actually a type of red wine since they contain only 100% red fermented grape juice, being a rather light and delicate tasting concoction, don't benefit from using a single distinctive tasting grape. Thus, most good Rose's are always a blend of the winemaker's or vineyardist's choice of several different grape types always available from their wine growing areas. In other words, it's all about "blending", where the true art of the winemaker/blender stands out. White grape types are almost never used.
Master Blender for Grey Gardens Wines, Bouvier Beale, jr., drawing on his previous 20 years experience as a California wine distributor exclusively for small and artisan type wineries, has tasted and evaluated literally 1,000's of Rose' and other fine wines to determine if they will sell well in the marketplace. Thus, the arrived at blend for the 2016 vintage of Cabernet Sauvignon, 40%, Merlot, 40% and Cabernet Franc, 20% has hit it out of the park, according to wine lovers and the local wine press in the Hamptons area of the south fork of Long Island itself . See attached recent articles from the South Hampton Press
and the Dan's Papers Rose' Festival  write up.  
We hope you all enjoy a terrific summer sipping away at your Grey Gardens Rose'. Bottles or cases can be purchased online and shipped to all those over age 21 - with free shipping for 6 bottles or more, what a deal -at:
Keep in mind for all orders outside of New York State - no tax will be charged. 
Happy Sipping
Bouvier Beale, Jr.
November 26, 2017

Grey Gardens Estate Sale November 17-19, 2017

Who knew ....... that one day when Sally Quinn sold Grey Gardens - there would be an estate sale causing great excitement for Grey Gardens fans all over the country and probably internationally as well.   

This event was well covered by the press - even the New York Times thought it was important enough to send out Penelope Green to write a great recap of the sale.  For those of us that could not attend, Penelope's article made you feel that you were there.  I thought the title was perfect, even if it made me feel sad that perhaps the Grey Gardens house would never be the same.  "G'Night Forever Little Edie, Grey Gardens Is Empty At Last" by Penelope Green.

Photo courtesy of the New York Times


July 03, 2017

Grey Gardens Rosé | Grey Gardens Wines

We're so excited to introduce Grey Gardens Wines, and with it, our first release of rosé. Grey Gardens Wines is brought to you by Grey Gardens Official, the official legacy brand for Grey Gardens and Little Edie. (Don't miss the Little Edie Brooch, made from the original worn in the documentary.) We created this wine to honor Big & Little Edie and their beloved home. We think they'd just love it.

Grey Gardens Rosé

Grey Gardens Rosé 2016 is a dry rosé from the North Fork of Long Island - a judicious blend of the three main red grape varietals that Long Island is famous for.  Bouvier Beale, grandson of Big Edie and nephew of Little Edie, a wine expert, truly believes that the Long Island wines are a well kept secret just like the Napa Valley was in California in the 70's. The climate on Long Island, similar to the famous French Bordeaux region, is perfect for growing red wines like Cabernet and Merlot, two of the grapes used in Grey Gardens Rosé.

Grey Gardens Rosé

This years limited supply will sell out so don't wait to fill your fridge with Grey Gardens Rosé. You can order via (must be 21 & over) or call Domenica at 631-734-4057 to order by phone. FREE SHIPPING for 6+ bottles or Cases. (Must order via phone to receive this offer). No tax out of New York state.  Perfect for Holiday gifts!

If you live on the East End of Long Island, you can find our rosé at Domaine Franey Wines & Spirits and Park Place Wines & Liquors in East Hampton, or Churchill Wines & Spirits in Bridgehampton.



June 08, 2017

Grey Gardens Featured in EAST Magazine Summer 2017 Issue, Titled "Being Edie"

Summer is here! And with it comes a feature in the Summer 2017 issue of EAST, the East Hampton Star Magazine. Titled, "Being Edie" by Nina Channing, the article highlights how truly captivating the story of Grey Gardens is, and how our brand is continuing it with heirloom jewelry, accessories, candles, and of course, our new rosé.

"Every once in a while a story comes along so compelling that no matter how much time passes, people continue to tell and retell it with relish as though it were the freshest gossip. Grey Gardens is one of those stories."

Thank you to Nina and the East Hampton Star for publishing such a wonderful piece. Read it for yourself here.

Happy summer to all!



March 14, 2017

Grey Gardens | "A Steal at 500G" 1979 - "Beale Needs a Buyer"


Recently, as many of you may have seen in the news that Grey Gardens is for sale for $20 million dollars.  I asked myself at the time, what would Little Edie think?  A few days later, I was going through a folder and found this photo of Little Edie - with the title " A Steal-----at $500G."  I got my answer.  I think Edie would have been proud that Grey Gardens has become so important and the current asking price proves that.  I often get magical messages like this from Edie - so you know she is watching all of what goes on - and is thrilled to be loved by so many.  

   I know that  even though she did not  get her asking price for the house when she eventually sold to Sally Quinn for $220,000.00, she was happy to know that it would not be torn down and would be restored to its original beauty.    How generous and unselfish Little Edie was.

    This is all part of the magic.  We are appreciative that Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee did not tear it down and kept the legacy alive all this time.  

Original Post below:  Cheers to Little Edie Beale!  Your legacy lives on!!!




February 25, 2017

Grey Gardens | Big Edie's Palace

As many know the story of Grey Gardens, from the famous Documentary Film by the Maysles Brothers, and the Broadway Musical that has travelled the world, plus the HBO film in 2009  -  it is easy to gather that Big Edie ( Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale) loved Grey Gardens and had no intention of moving EVER.  Her bohemian spirit thrived in that environment and she was willing to sacrifice luxuries in order to stay there.

Wondering what she would say today, knowing that her property is now for sale for $20Million Dollars.  Is it the home itself, or the famous story that gives Grey Gardens and the property it's current value?  The property itself is not impressive in acreage nor is it ocean front.  But the history is astonishing and the value of Grey Gardens will climb further without a doubt.

I recall finding a letter from Big Edie's youngest child, Buddy Beale who also happens to be my late father in law.  Buddy was very loving and cared very much for his family.  In the mid 1960's he wrote a letter to his mother, insisting to sell Grey Gardens for $65,000 and move to Palm Beach.  The potential buyer was poised to sign the purchase offer, but Edie insisted she was never leaving her palace.  Both Phelan and Buddy tried to help their mother survive the situation at the time.

I came across some photos of Big Edie at Grey Gardens.  You can imagine that financial difficulties were already setting in after the stock market crash, and by the expressions on Big Edie's face she that she has no intention of giving up.   You will see photos of her eldest son Phelan in the photos in the gardens along with Buddy.   Another photo includes Molly, the family nanny and care giver.  Edie must have been away at MPS (Miss Porter's School) at the time.  Included in the photos is an interior shot of Grey Gardens - and as you can see the table is set.  


Photo: Grey Gardens Interior - Dining Room View.


Photo: Big Edie with Molly.  Copyright photos -

The Beales had a different experience living at Grey Gardens.  It was their summer retreat where they could relax and enjoy the sea.  They did not rent out their place, nor host celebrities.  They simply enjoyed each other, and the surroundings ( The Maidstone and Devon Country Clubs) for swimming, dining, and socializing.  Will the new buyer of Grey Gardens tear it down or preserve the home as Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee did in 1979?  We are preserving our legacy just in case- which is why we have established Grey Gardens®, The Official Brand for Grey Gardens & Little Edie's Legacy.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr for future posts! 


Big Edie enjoying the beautiful Grey Gardens.  She looks more like Little Edie in this photo.

 Photos are copyrighted - .  If you repost any of the photos on your blog or social media, please enter the credit as



February 11, 2017

Grey Gardens | Lasata | For Sale

How ironic that Grey Gardens and "Lasata" Estate, both homes that belonged to the Bouviers and the Beale family in East Hampton, New York are for sale.  Grey Gardens has recently been offered for sale at $20 Million, and Lasata is offered at $38 Million. 

Lasata, was the summer home of John Vernou Bouvier Jr. and Maude Sergeant Bouvier with their family Edith Bouvier, William Sergeant Bouvier, John Vernou Bouvier III (Black Jack or Jacqueline Bouvier's Father ) and the Bouvier Twins, Maude and Michelle.  Prior to Lasata, the Bouvier's owned the "Little House" also known as "Wildmoor" on Appaquogue road, East Hampton from 1915 to 1925.

Lasata was designed by architect Arthur C. Jackson and built in 1917. Lasata was known as Place of Peace and  is recognized as one of the most beautiful houses in America. Situated on over 7 acres, this compound captures the eye with its beautiful landscaped gardens and stunning architecture.  

I was speaking with Maude S. Davis, daughter of Maude Bouvier Davis, who  talked about her summer visits to see "grampy" (John Vernou Bouvier Jr. at Lasata).  While staying at Lasata, Maude recalls at 9 years of age, she had her own room and enjoyed the smells of summer as Paul, the gardener mowed the acres of lawn keeping the grounds impeccable.  As the location on Further Lane was walking distance to the Ocean and The Maidstone Club, the family enjoyed the home!   Maude especially appreciated the "Italian Gardens" and the fresh grown tomatoes from the that were as sweet as can be.  

Lasata etching by Ruth E. Morse  ( Italian Gardens )


Lasata - photo found on Corcoran Real Estate Listing for Lasata on further lane - $38Million

Grey Gardens photo below

 Below: Photo of the Wildmoor House also known as "The Little House" owned by John Vernou Bouvier Jr., from 1915 to 1925.   Eventually sold it to Adolph Gottlieb (1903-1974) who was an American abstract expressionist painter, sculptor and printmaker.



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