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Grey Gardens Rosé New Release 2018!

A "Hamptons Favorite", now available mail order in all 50 states (21 & over only) announces the release of its 2018 dry Rose', sourced from 100% Long Island , NY grapes grown and harvested on the North Fork of this world famous island wine growing district . 
Made using the traditional "Sange ' " method of Rose' production used in France for 100's of years , Grey Gardens Rose' is fermented dry from the traditional Bordeaux grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. With vineyards cooled by consistent ocean breezes from the south during the long summer growing season, crisp acidity prevails on the palate along with fruit flavors of stone fruit , melon and strawberry. The wine is the perfect accompaniment to typical summer faire enjoyed all over the USA, such as "raw bar" or grilled seafood, poultry and light meats or pasta, and colorful  salads such as Greek Salad .
Here on Long Island and the rest of New England , we have a long standing culinary tradition known as "The New England Clam Bake", inspired by lobster fishermen on the Maine coast who wanted a convenient way to enjoy a celebratory seafood feast right as they came ashore. So, the combination of clams, local corn on the cob, & new potatoes dug up from nearby farms, and of corse, the biggest live lobsters they could haul off the boat was thrown together in sand pits lined with hot coals and covered with seaweed, to steam up perfectly. 
Now, the ideal, locally sourced, Clam Bake wine they all had been waiting for,  for years, but didn't know how to get, is finally available! Grey Gardens 2018 Long Island Rose'
Just dig another big hole in the sand, dump in several bags of ice, along with up to a case  of Grey Gardens Rose', cover with seaweed, and you're ready to enjoy a newly enhanced classic your friends will be talking about all year!!  
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