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Little Edie, The Flower of Grey Gardens

John Vernou Bouvier was Little Edie's grandfather.  As I was going through some of her collected poems, she saved some from her grandfather.  I believe that he was the one who inspired Edie to write her own poetry.   Little Edie would write poems dedicated to "Grandad" and he would often write poetry to her as well.

On different occasions he would write a card like Christmas in 1938- he wrote "To Edith- If fancies were fairies they would crown you Princess of Peace and of Plentitude"

One of my favorite letters from John Vernou Bouvier to his grand-daughter Edith; written on November 7th, 1935- Little Edie's 18th birthday as published in "Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens, A Life in Pictures":

My Dear Edith,

This day you have attained an age of definite importance.  It may well be regarded as a point of departure from which your course is to be directed to an objective the attainment whereof will mean, spiritually and materially, a life worthwhile. 

Obviously the road will be difficult; you will be constrained to do much pioneering work; from time to time you will have to stop and cast about for compass points; you will pass through broad plains as well as deep forests but through its trees you will be able to see a faint glimmering light, this you will pursue; the course at times will be wearisome; your feet will seem leaden; your strength sapped but with will and determination you will emerge in peace, serenity and harmony occupy the rich meadow of lands of generous youth at the end whereof you goal would have been discovered.   As ever,   Sincerely, Grandad.

To John Vernou Bouvier, Little Edie was the flower of Grey Gardens.