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Grey Gardens Dinner Party

Grey Gardens dinner parties back in the late 1920s must have been fabulous. When things were at their best at Grey Gardens you can be sure they had the highest quality china, silver and table linens. One of my passions is collecting beautiful dishes to mix and match, inspired by tales of parties at Grey Gardens.

On September 14, 1929 Edie wrote about “Mother’s party” in her diary I Only Mark the Hours that Shine (recently published and available at ), and one can imagine the fine table settings, and how things looked at Grey Gardens set up for the dinner with 18 guests!

Grey Gardens Style Table Setting 

Look closely at the linens – beautiful off-white antique linens with Edie’s initials: EB!

The plates are a display of beautiful flowers – tulips, roses, and dahlia’s – with a pink and gold trim. They are of the finest – on the back it is marked “P.T. Bavaria Tirschenreuth, Decorated in Own Studios” – these are rare and beautiful and in perfect condition. They are hand painted and really have a great look.

 You can mix and match and really make your table sensational. For example, these dishes are really high quality porcelain and mixed with the country style ironstone works! It really has a nice look. Start collecting  ironstone as you find a piece you like and mix it with some of your favorite china.  Eventually you will end up with a great collection!

Now I have added a French pattern “Luneville” to the table and mixing with the ironstone is very appealing.  The old wicker basket painted in “Grey Gardens Green” brings color to the table and it works!

Table Setting featuring plates with French "Luneville" pattern.

- Eva