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Sailboat Paintings

Summertime, sailboats, and sunsets! I suppose that is what started me on the sailboat painting collection. Spending summers in East Hampton and Amagansett, my eye wanders toward art that will remind me of those summer memories and how good it can be. Long Island is really a very special place in the summer – and now living in California – I can tell you that there is nothing like the summers on the east coast.  

Here are a few of the paintings we have on Grey Gardens Collections  – and each one has a different style.

The first painting is beautifully done and also framed in a heavy silver wooden frame.   The colors are unusual and subdued and the style of the painting is slightly impressionistic.   The painting is oil on board and is signed by the artist, which appears to be Florence Viccetti.  

The painting above has a completely different look, but I was drawn to it because of the colors and style of the painting. This is a vintage painting – as you can see the style of boats in the picture and also the look of the painting. This artist, William Ward Jr. has signed the work. He died in 1935, so my hunch was right about this one being vintage. William Ward Jr. painted landscapes and seascapes and he is listed for his works. 

The frame is simple - but charming. Again – slightly impressionistic style – and the colors are great.


The painting below appears to be a very old painting perhaps done in Morocco or the islands somewhere. Hard to say – but the colors are really alive – and beautiful. The sails have deep red and blue from the sunset. This artist signed the painting “Loraine.” There is no date but it is a vintage piece. 

The next painting is European - and has a completely different style than the ones above. This is a Renaissance style painting – and it is well done. Original frame with some wear – but this one has the gallery look!  I am sure at Grey Gardens – in the 1920’s one could imagine art work like these in one of the rooms! 

Decorating with artwork is amazing – you can really create a great look.