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Grey Gardens | "A Steal at 500G" 1979 - "Beale Needs a Buyer"


Recently, as many of you may have seen in the news that Grey Gardens is for sale for $20 million dollars.  I asked myself at the time, what would Little Edie think?  A few days later, I was going through a folder and found this photo of Little Edie - with the title " A Steal-----at $500G."  I got my answer.  I think Edie would have been proud that Grey Gardens has become so important and the current asking price proves that.  I often get magical messages like this from Edie - so you know she is watching all of what goes on - and is thrilled to be loved by so many.  

   I know that  even though she did not  get her asking price for the house when she eventually sold to Sally Quinn for $220,000.00, she was happy to know that it would not be torn down and would be restored to its original beauty.    How generous and unselfish Little Edie was.

    This is all part of the magic.  We are appreciative that Sally Quinn and Ben Bradlee did not tear it down and kept the legacy alive all this time.  

Original Post below:  Cheers to Little Edie Beale!  Your legacy lives on!!!