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Grey Gardens | Lasata | For Sale

How ironic that Grey Gardens and "Lasata" Estate, both homes that belonged to the Bouviers and the Beale family in East Hampton, New York are for sale.  Grey Gardens has recently been offered for sale at $20 Million, and Lasata is offered at $38 Million. 

Lasata, was the summer home of John Vernou Bouvier Jr. and Maude Sergeant Bouvier with their family Edith Bouvier, William Sergeant Bouvier, John Vernou Bouvier III (Black Jack or Jacqueline Bouvier's Father ) and the Bouvier Twins, Maude and Michelle.  Prior to Lasata, the Bouvier's owned the "Little House" also known as "Wildmoor" on Appaquogue road, East Hampton from 1915 to 1925.

Lasata was designed by architect Arthur C. Jackson and built in 1917. Lasata was known as Place of Peace and  is recognized as one of the most beautiful houses in America. Situated on over 7 acres, this compound captures the eye with its beautiful landscaped gardens and stunning architecture.  

I was speaking with Maude S. Davis, daughter of Maude Bouvier Davis, who  talked about her summer visits to see "grampy" (John Vernou Bouvier Jr. at Lasata).  While staying at Lasata, Maude recalls at 9 years of age, she had her own room and enjoyed the smells of summer as Paul, the gardener mowed the acres of lawn keeping the grounds impeccable.  As the location on Further Lane was walking distance to the Ocean and The Maidstone Club, the family enjoyed the home!   Maude especially appreciated the "Italian Gardens" and the fresh grown tomatoes from the that were as sweet as can be.  

Lasata etching by Ruth E. Morse  ( Italian Gardens )


Lasata - photo found on Corcoran Real Estate Listing for Lasata on further lane - $38Million

Grey Gardens photo below

 Below: Photo of the Wildmoor House also known as "The Little House" owned by John Vernou Bouvier Jr., from 1915 to 1925.   Eventually sold it to Adolph Gottlieb (1903-1974) who was an American abstract expressionist painter, sculptor and printmaker.